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New formats of sefarim from http://ha-zohar.net/ (free and encouraged to be reproduced) and elsewhere:

* Importance of the Study of Zohar -- 18 sheets duplex.
* spine label sheet 
* behai chibura'' sticker sheet

* Tikunei haZohar with Lashon haKoshesh - PDF, non-searchable <> תקוני הזוהר עם ביאור בלשון הקודש <> ספר תקוני הזהר עם ביאור בלשון הקודש מחולק ללימוד שנה אחת -- ולחודש אלול הזוהר בצד ימין -- והביאור בצד שמאל נעשה 4-עמודים לגיליון מהקובץ http://ha-zohar.net/BOOKS/ZOHAR_LHK_MACHULAK/ZOHAR_LHK_MACHULAK-1-YEAR_ELUL_TIKKUNIM.PDF
* 4-Up (4 sheets per page) -- prints on 84 sheets of paper, duplex
* Frontmatter (inside cover and preface) -- 4 sheets duplex
* Spines and cover labels for your printouts
* Searchable .htm text of Tikunei Zohar from http://hebrew.grimoar.cz/

* The entire Zohar with Lashon haKodesh: Vols. I-III, Zohar Chadash, and Tikkunim -- 4-UP, Vols I-II each print on ~350 pages duplex -- on less than 3 reams of paper you can print out the entire Zohar -- PDF, non-searchable
* Searchable TXT text files of the entire Zohar


Perhaps you have a rabbi, or you are a rabbi. If not, or in any case, upon my (Nissim's) request, my rabbi, Yaakov Siegel n"y of Far Rockaway, NY has agreed to be available for questions etc. on weekday mornings.
Phone: 516-499-3727
Bio: Rabbi Yaakov Siegel has smichah from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate. He also has several private smichot, among them from HaRav Jacob S. Kassin ZTs"L. Although of Ashkenazi background, his penetrating study of sources led him to the conclusion that Sephardic methodology in study and p'sak halachah is, in fact, the correct one. In 1991 he received permission from Maran HaRav Ovadia Yosef ZTs"L to conduct himself as a Sepharadi in all matters. Rav Ovadia spoke about this on one of his televised lectures. Rabbi Siegel's approach to p'sak is based on Maran HaRav Yosef Karo ZTs"L, HaRav Ovadia ZTs"L and other Sepharadi greats. He is also very involved in the study of Kabbalah.

One can also arrange to meet Rabbi Siegel in Far Rockaway.